High-end retractable awning with aluminum structure, Avantgarde Pergola Roof offers lasting and aesthetic systems to make use of your patio, terrace, and backyard all year around.


Affordable high-end retractable awning with aluminum structure, durable fabric and LED lights, Elegant Pergola Roof keeps every project in budget while offering lasting and aesthetic solution for your patio, terrace, and backyard all year around.



High-end motorized louvered roof, made of aluminum structure with insulated aluminum panels, offers outstanding comfort in cold and hot seasons. Pergola Roof Louvered withstands greater snow loads and strong winds. It is a great application for your patio, terrace, or restaurant all year around. Retractable and pivoted panel models are available.


Motorized Zip Screen Shade works as outdoor blinds that provide privacy and protection against sun, heat, wind, rain and insects. This add on aesthetically complements Pergola Roof awning systems by fully enclosing your patio, balcony or terrace, and retracts with a remote control. It withstands strong winds up to 70 miles, provides micro air circulation and water resistance.


Remote controlled motorized Guillotine Vertical Window and Door system - ideal for restaurant, terrace, patio, and backyard. Motorized sashes at Duowin Plus could be controlled both by control panel and remote control. Sensors used in Duowin Plus contributes to safety precautions. When the sashes are closed completely, heat, air and noise insulation is provided by the thermally insulated aluminium profiles and double pane glasses.